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Diamond Taper Sharpener
The perfect tool for sharpening your U/V cutters as well as the serrated U cutters!



Set of six U and V cutters
Highest quality UV cutters for fruit and vegetable carving. Stainless steel construction. Will not bend when pressure is applied like other sets on the market! These tools can be sharpened with the Buck Diamond Taper Sharpener.


Item# uv1

Serrated U Knives set of 4 pieces
Set of 4 serrated U cutters for making intricate designs similar to the u and v cutters.


Item# serr1

Deba-style flexible Thai Knife
11' overall length, blade is 6 3/8' long. Great for peeling large melons, as well as making VERY THIN SLICES on various items. Especially great for tomatoes! Its thin blade is very easy to keep sharp. At this price, buy two!


Item# deba

Custom plane-style Knife for melon peeling
Have found this new one with the PERFECT angle for peeling the small, personal watermelons without having to make a first cut. Keeps them perfectly smooth and round!!!


Item# cpp1

Thai-style wooden knife with cover
Wooden handeled knife is 5 7/8 " overall length with a blade of 2".


Thai Laquered Detail knife
Detail knife is 6-7/16" overall length with a blade of 1-3/4". VERY SHARP and VERY FLEXIBLE. NOT reccommended for beginners !!


Handmade Inverted Thai Knife
Handmade Thai knife with carved design. Screw-type, handle length@ 4.5 inches, blade length@ 2.1 inches and overall attached length@ 6.6 inches. I love mine !! You will too !!

Item# Thaiinvkfe1

Double bladed Thai Carving Knife
Screw top double blade Thai knife. Handmade and VERY SHARP !! Takes the place of two knives !! Overall length closed is 7.5 inches. Blade lengths are 1.75 and 2 inch respectively.

Item# DBLThai

U 2V cutter
German made u double v cutter. VERY SHARP and easy to maintain. 6 inch overall length.

Item# U2V

Wide serrated tool
Nice and VERY sharp.

Item# Ws1

Loop tool
Perfect for making the apple lanterns!! Great for hollowing out a zucchini and cucumber.

Item# Lt1

Three piece set
A great way to save by getting all three together.

Item# Gts3

Mini-Loop Tools
Set of three, German made mini loop tools. Perfect for surface shaving and pumpkin sculpting! 4.75 inches in length and the loop openings are 1/16, 2//16, and 3/16 inches.


Carving tool set
7 piece tool set in a cloth knife wrap with a diamond stone sharpener. Contains 2 serrated u cutters, a serrated v cutter, a plain u cutter, and 2 v cutters. In addition a flexible, inverted Thai knife. Great for beginners as well as seasoned veteran carvers!!!

Item# Cset1

Micro-loop/V cutter
6.5 inch long Chinese-made micro-loop/V tool. perfect for melon and pumpkin shaving!!

Item# MLV